Monday, 11 January 2016

About Us

Group: E

Group Members, of S2-08 (2016):

  • Alden Andrew (8)
  • Brendan Lee Shi He (12)
  • Goh Ming Wei, Daryl (20)

Research Title of our project:

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Category 3: 
3. Measure a function or relationship: Experimental research (II)
(a) Observe a phenomenon and develop testable questions
(b) Identify control variables and response functions
(c)  Design an experimental procedure to vary the control variable, measure the response variables, and keep other factors constant
(d) Construct any necessary apparatus
(e) Perform the experiments
(f)  Analyse the relation between control variables and response variables, and characterize the relation mathematically

Sub-Category 16:
(a) Atmosphere: Air Pollution and Air Quality 
(b) Lithosphere: Soil Contamination and Soil Quality
(c) Hydrosphere: Water Pollution and Water Quality ()
(d) Other

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