1. Introduction

What is Science?:
Science is the study of the physical and human world, through creating hypothesises, conducting experiments, and coming up with a final result.

What is the Scientific Method?:
The scientific method is a process of techniques which you can use to investigate, research, or experiment. It is essential and important wheneverwant to experiment a hypothesis or question. Recently, a new method was added. 'Seek Funding'. This is important as you need to know if you have enough money to fund your experiment. In school, you may need to get monetary approval from your teachers. But if you are doing it on your own, you need to fund your experiment well. You also need to assess the value of research. Or else, your research may not be of value and you would have wasted your time doing your experiment. Sometimes, our questions may have already been answered and there would be no need for an experiment. That is why it is always important to assess your research value before conducting the investigation.

Water plants such as the Micranthemum Monte Carlo, and Lemnoideae are known to be able to absorb salt. But, is it able to actually absorb salt? This experiment is to find out what is the answer to this question. We set up different set-ups to test the amount of salt concentration these 2 types of water plants managed to absorb. We will be expecting the salt concentration to drop slightly day by day, over a course of 5 days.

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